It takes a catalyst to get something started, and it was no different with this blog.  After fielding many questions related to mineral ownership from my family, friends and another website that deals in unclaimed property (, I thought…Why not?  Why not use the experience I have gained over many years to put together a forum for education and discussion specifically directed to those people fortunate enough to have been gifted, inherited or purchased minerals, and in particular, oil and gas minerals.

If you’re looking for some real technical discussions, we’ll have some, but mostly I want to make your experience feel more like we are just having a conversation over a cup of coffee or tea in my small hometown town café in western Oklahoma.

If you take a quick tour, you’ll find some definitions of terms that a mineral owner should know, questions of interest, some case studies for transactions mineral owners probably will encounter (I’ve always found case studies easy to use, you just see if your facts fit), a few select document examples to let you see what some of the discussion materials are talking about, and last, but I promise not the least, some commentary and ideas for mineral owners, or future mineral owners, to think about.  We’ll be adding things on a regular basis, so make sure to come back to see what’s new.

What you won’t find in our information is something telling you what amount you should receive for a lease or the price to ask when selling your minerals.  Those discussions are based on your facts and circumstances, which includes items that are different for each mineral owner.  We will provide information about what we think needs to be considered in your decision, but the evaluation of the pricing issues is not in our purpose.

You are also welcome to make comments and ask questions.  I’ll be sure to share those comments and questions that I feel are beneficial to the other readers, always considering the privacy of the person submitting the comment or question.

Make sure to read the terms of use and remember the things we discuss are not considered to be professional advice, but things of interest for you to consider.  Always seek the advice of your personal professional (namely lawyer, CPA or financial advisor) before you act on any advice contained herein.