Lease or Participate

I own 1.23333 mineral acres in a certain section, township and range. Not much to talk about, but there has been some increased drilling activity in the general area of my minerals that apparently prompted someone to do some mineral owner research in the section where my minerals are located. How do I know? I [...]

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Making Intra-Family Discounts Disappear

If you own minerals in a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or similar business arrangement, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently issued some new proposed regulations dealing with Internal Revenue Code Section 2704 (Section 2704) that could be of interest to you. The IRS believes that families are undervaluing intra-family transfers of ownership interests [...]

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Selling Minerals-A Personal Decision

The mail today was rather interesting, it included two offers for purchasing minerals and one for leasing mineral rights in different sections of the same township and range. Normally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to the offers to purchase minerals in this township and range. The mineral interests I own in this particular [...]

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